Sous Chef Position Available

  • 02 October 2018

E-mail resume to:

The Sous Chef shall: - Have skill and experience in quantity Chefary.

- Have availability to prepare meals for additional functions and special events.

- Maintain a neat and clean appearance at all times.

- Ensure Chef coat is worn and clean if necessary to enter into the Dining area during operation.

- Maintain and operate the kitchen in a clean, sanitary and safe manner, which shall include the regular cleaning of the kitchen and the kitchen supplies and utensils.

- Promptly notify the property manager of any maintenance problems or unsafe conditions in or around the kitchen.

- Supervise the serving of the meals and presentation.

- Properly care for food supplies and leftovers. This includes properly sorting of recyclables and garbage.

- Coordinate the ordering of food and supplies.

- Develop menu suggestions for regular meal planning, special events, provide inventory monthly and provide food costing accordingly to new seasonal menus established.

- Prepare main entrées.

- Diligently check and store food and supplies that are delivered to the Fraternity.

- Defrost and clean the refrigerator once a month.

- Observe kitchen rules, as noted in the employee manual or posted in the kitchen.

- Refrain from the use of alcohol or other drugs in and around the Restaurant

- Refrain from foul/inappropriate language and abusive behavior.

- Mentor and advise junior staff.

-Daily specials are to be decided one day prior of the decided special and shared with kitchen & management. Specials must be posted by 11 am of that decided day.

- Weekend specials are to be decided and shared with kitchen & management by Thursday 11 am each week.

- Social media is to be done daily by Sous-Chef or Head Chef except on days off. On the exceptions of days off, the role will then be assumed by the Head Chef. See Appendix “B” for social media requirements. Appendix B will be provided during the interview process.


  • 08 January 2018

Best Meals of 2017(Upscale)

Il Trullo is an upscale Italian restaurant located within the King’s Wharf complex, complete with its cityscape view. For a couple of years now, it’s been my favourite stall at the Savour Food & Wine Festival and I’ve been drooling over their Instagram feed. Finally, for my birthday this year we ventured across the harbour to check it out. We were not disappointed! We enjoyed a lovely lasagna, some squid ink pasta and my personal favourite: the mushroom ravioli. Il Trullo also has this unique small bites dessert menu, allowing you to mix and match a bunch of $3 desserts, like truffles and chocolate ravioli. But I had to go for the chocolate-lined cannoli, which I had been dreaming about since the Savour Food & Wine Festival. I believe it is the best in the city! Best Meals of 2017: Desserts


I first sampled Il Trullo’s cannoli at the Savour Food and Wine Festival and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Naturally, this is what I ordered with my birthday dinner this year! It is lined with chocolate and just perfect.


CaGBC Leadership & Green Building Awards

  • 24 October 2017

Excellence in Green Building – New Construction Il Trullo Restaurant. Located in the Kings Wharf Development and targeting for LEED® Gold for Commercial Interiors the restaurant takes its name from the unique conical construction in Southern Italy.
The design of the restaurant was based on the natural elements of a trullo with ceiling domes, natural stone look and wood elements for a cozy contemporary feel. Products were carefully chosen for their sustainability to create the modern design to highlight the local and recycled elements. Water and energy efficiencies as well and staff education on recycling and sustainability are ensuring this project meets its owner’s green objectives.


TripAdviser 2017 Excellence Award

  • 01 July 2017

TripAdviser 2017



  • 02 June 2017


Dartmouth loves the taste of southern Italy at Il Trullo. In fact, in it’s first year the restaurant in King’s Wharf received a lot of attention and recognition. The inspiration for the food comes from two of the owners, Giuseppe (Beppe) Giardino and Bruno Lattanzi.



  • 07 March 2017

BEST COLD FOOD 1ST Place - II ‘Trullo Orange cured “sustainable blue1’ salmon

BEST DESSERT 2ND Place - IL Trullo Chocolate Ravioli

Best Dessert at Savour Food & Wine Festival 2016 with our Cannoli

  • 10 March 2016

The Savour Food & Wine Festival is a series of unique events designed to showcase Nova Scotia’s finest restaurants, wine and gourmet products.

It was Il Trullo First Savour event and we did great!

Best Dessert Il Trullo Ristorante - Dartmouth – Cannoli

Cold Entree - Second Place Il Trullo Ristorante - Dartmouth – Beef Carpacio

BOURGEOIS GOURMET: Year-end restaurant awards

  • 02 January 2016

Il Trullo Named 2nd Best Restaurant, Best Pizza, Best Entree and Best Server


Il Trullo Tasty

  • 26 November 2015

The Dartmouth waterfront’s newest addition, Il Trullo, works towards greatness, bringing innovative and traditional Italian flavours to the table.


BOURGEOIS GOURMET : Italian splendour on the plate

  • 17 September 2015


King’s Wharf to offer Italian restaurant

  • 02 March 2015